Suffolk Workhouses

A Catologue of Sources

4th edition

[now expanded to 80 pages]

Ideal for the student or local historian, this volume is a compilation of identified primary and secondary source material, for the three types of workhouses in Suffolk, mostly held at one of the three branches of Suffolk’s record offices.

Contents include: Time line of Suffolk’s workhouses, revised parish workhouse list (now 202) a listings of all identified workhouses in the county arranged by type and parish. location of relevant statute and local acts relating to workhouses,

It also identifies available plans of workhouses, together with their location. The main catalogue lists sources, summery of content, date, and identification codes. Contents include original documents, newspaper articles, plus relevant books and publications.

This is an 80 page, A4 size, wire ring bound edition.

A Catalogue of Sources £12 plus £2 p&p